Below my thoughts on paper...
detailed patterns for stationery, fashion, interior textile and wallpaper.
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Pattern on tour dessin room patronen patroon kamer wallpaper summer behang adult teenage child titmice bird flowers pimpelmees

18.4.13 Titmice in the flowers

Pattern on tour, autumn dessin eekhoorn patroon wallpaper behang nature

18.4.11 Fun in the forest, squirrel

20.4.2 Jungle life


20.1.8 Sint

Pattern on tour, dessin, child room patronen, patroon, kinderkamer, wallpaper, behang,  insect, nature

18.4.10 Insect Explorer

Pattern on tour, patronen, patroon, dessin, wallpaper, jeeps, boy

18.4.14 Jeeps, yolo

Pattern on tour, girls things, meiden, parfum en make-up, hart, bedding, interior, dessin

19.3.7 Girls things

Pattern on tour fashion dessin, boots, teenage pattern, tiener patroon, interior

18.2.5 Trendy cowgirl boots

Pattern on tour interior wallpaper Dreamhouses design - behang dessin droomhuizen

18.4.1 Dreamhouses

18.1.3 Sweet ice cream

20.4.5 Flower bouquet

20.4.6 Small life in the garden

Pattern on tour wrapping paper christmas design - geschenkpapier kerstdessin

18.1.1 Christmas selfie

Pattern on tour, camp dessin wallpaper, behang, kamperen

18.4.7 Polder life

19.1.10 As cold as ice

19.1.10 As cold as ice